‘Taking a half-halt’: showjumper to sell horses and take a break

  • Jay Halim is “taking a half-halt” in his showjumping career by selling a number of his rides, but has no plans to give up.

    The rider announced on Facebook yesterday (7 September) that having lost his top horse Bart, who was returning to work following colic surgery and has gone to another rider, he had decided to “make some changes going forward”.

    His 12-year-old gelding Elrond has gone to fellow showjumper Gemma Ellison, and Jay is also selling a number of young horses.

    But he told H&H he has no plans to give up riding.

    “I was devastated when Bart was taken away,” he said.

    “He’s been my best horse and I felt my right arm had been cut off as he’s pretty special to me.

    “So I’m having a little break. I’ve lost my best horse and I think it’s time; for the last couple of years, I’ve been living my life around my good horses a bit, which isn’t always the best decision financially.

    “A year ago, I was lucky enough to buy my farm, the place of my dreams, but it needs hundreds of thousands spending on it and without selling some horses, that won’t happen.”

    Jay plans to stop jumping at bigger shows for the immediate future, and instead to concentrate on his youngsters.

    “I still want it, I’ve still got the hunger, but you can’t do it with half a string,” he said.

    “I’ve been trying to chase the dream rather than make money; when you’re away at shows, the young horses don’t get done.

    “I’ve got six-year-olds waiting for stables; they’re my next money and I have to get started on them.

    There are lots of positives in this, and you never know what’s round the corner, especially in this industry; it might only take six months.”

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    And Jay also plans to enjoy some time to himself.

    “I’m going on holiday, my first since 2007!” he told H&H.

    “I’m just drawing a line under it, taking a half-halt and having a break.”

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