Show jumper Andy Austin strikes deal with VertiBaXTM

  • Leading show jumping trainer and TV commentator Andy Austin has signed a sponsorship deal with a new range of pain relief products for stiff joints, launched by VertiBaXTM.

    Andy, who has produced a number of grand prix show jumpers and is a regular commentator on Sky TV’s coverage of show jumping, suffers from back pain resulting from over 25 years competing.

    “One of the most common health complaints suffered by show jumpers is back pain,” explained Andy. “This is hardly surprising considering the impact that years in the saddle have on backs and joints.

    “Furthermore, now I’ve retired from international competition, I train horses and riders so am constantly on my feet or horses all day.”

    Andy uses the VertiBaXTM Core Lumbar Active Support on a daily basis.

    “The support relieves my lower back pain, which has been causing me trouble for years, and stays in place when I’m wearing it so I forget its there,” said Andy. “It is a must for any rider, both amateur and professional, who has any back pain.”

    The VertiBaXTM range features active joint supports, sensory belts and joint wraps, which provide pain relief for the lower back, wrist and elbow, and alleviate knee and ankle pain.

    As well as providing pain relief, the VertiBaXTM products, which are recommended by NHS physiotherapists, are designed to increase mobility and promote rehabilitation post injury.

    “There is no doubt that these products will help people maximise their enjoyment of horse riding, free of pain,” concluded Andy.

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