Shire may be world’s tallest horse

  • A Shire in Niota, Tennessee may take the mantle of world’s tallest horse on 28 July when she is measured by a representative from the Guinness Book of Records.

    The three-year-old currently stands at 20.1hh, and it is thought she may in time grow to 23hh. She eats about 40lb of hay and more than 20lb of hard feed per day, and lives in a specially built 12 x 24ft stable.

    Handler Jessica Barnette told US website WBIR.com: “I’ve never, ever heard of a horse being this large. You can put a men’s size 11 shoe in one of her hoofprints.”

    Owners Jim and Marge Williams originally purchased the Shire as a working horse but they now hope she will pull a show cart at fairs and shows.

    The couple run Springbrook Inn, a bed and breakfast for riders and horses, and operate a riding academy for children and adults.

    The current world record holder is a 19.3hh Belgian draft gelding called Radar, based in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

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