Shire with a ‘heart of gold’ put down aged 22

  • A “magnificent” retired working Shire who spent six years working on a farm has been put down aged 22.

    The Horse Trust paid tribute to their “beloved big boy” Tryfan who retired to the charity in 2007.

    The 17.2hh gelding, who was born at Bodafon Farm in Llandudno in Wales, spent his working life at the farm carrying out ground maintenance jobs.

    “He would have also participated in country shows, weddings and parades, where the Shires demonstrated old farming techniques such as pulling agricultural machinery. It was an impressive job for an impressive horse like Tryfan,” a spokesman for the Horse Trust said.

    “Tryfan was used to being in the public eye at Bodafon Farm where he loved showing off his skills. These included pulling various carts, one an ancient fire engine. We were told that Tryfan’s specialty had always been harrowing the fields which was his favourite activity.”

    Tryfan was put down on 24 May owing to issues with arthritis.

    “Tryfan had been under treatment for chronic arthritis which had unfortunately worsened, so we targeted the areas with specialist treatment that made him more comfortable short-term. Unfortunately, Tryfan started to deteriorate again. This then led us to the decision that it was kinder for him to say our last goodbyes,” said the spokesman.

    The spokesman said it had been an “absolute pleasure” providing a retirement home for Tryfan, making it “even harder” to say goodbye.

    “Tryfan retired here with fellow rural Shire buddies Jim, Rosie, Tom and Duchess who have now all passed on, but the one comfort we have is that they can all be together again at last,” the spokesman said.

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    “All our lovely Shires spent many happy years here at the Horse Trust together and we will cherish the memories for ever.”

    The spokesman added Tryfan will be remembered as a “real gentle giant” with a heart of gold.

    “He was a sensitive soul, who didn’t always like being caught. Tryfan was a magnificent looking horse with a beautiful flowing mane and feathers, not to mention his gorgeous face with the kindest eyes.”

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