Never feel far from your horse with new app

  • A product is being developed so that horse owners can remotely check the temperature, heart and respiratory rate of their equine companion from afar.

    SeeHorse is a small device worn on a horse’s headcollar or bridle that can send information about the animal through Bluetooth to an owner’s phone or computer.

    The SeeHorseCloud application also allows owners to remotely check the figures away from the yard.

    The technology has been created in Kitchener, Canada, by Peter Mankowski.

    “SeeHorse provides multiple features so you can stay connected with your horse,” Mr Mankowski told H&H.

    “It is a 100% green energy device — if your horse is active, it recharges the device just by their movement.”

    Mr Mankowski explained why he wanted to launch SeeHorse.

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    “All of us at work either actively ride or show horses or have had horses in the past,” he said. “It felt natural to design the Seehorse for ourselves and others from the industry.

    “In North America people board they horses away from home and only see them one or two times a week.

    “Not knowing how your beloved horse is puts stress on most of us so we designed a device that lets you stay connected worldwide.

    “In addition of seeing all data in real time, users can go back to a horse’s account and retrieve historical data as well.”

    The design of SeeHorse began last month (June) and is close to completion.

    “We need to pre-sell 500 units to complete the design,” added Mr Mankowski.

    They are three products available with varying features. Prices start at C$145 (£72).

    For more information visit: http://seehorse.ca

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