Search on in Kent for missing bloodhound Humbug

  • A two-year-old black and tan bloodhound called Humbug is still missing after taking fright during the Ashford Valley Hunt Country Fair at Charing Racecourse, Kent, on May 26.

    Sue Wheeler, whose husband Nicholas is huntsman and joint-master of the hunt, said when he was let out of the pen with the other hounds he took off in fright at the sound of the public address system.

    She said: “He panicked when the loudspeaker system came on and disappeared up the racecourse and over the A20.”

    Now missing for six weeks, Humbug was lasted sighted, on three occasions, by a Tickham huntsman near Faversham, Kent on Saturday June 21, around 6.30am.

    Sue said: “He’s hunted very well for one season but has now got very nervous.”

    The Coakham hunt “the clean boot” or the scent of a human runner.

    The Wheelers who own Coakham Bloodhounds at Ashburnham in East Sussex are appealing for any news of Humbug.

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