Search is on for TV horse couple

  • A new ITV series is looking for horse lovers with a relationship problem to take part.

    Presented by relationship counsellor Tracey Cox, who featured in the popular Channel Four series Would Like To Meet , the 20-part series will focus on people’s relationships and how to improve them. The plan is for one of the programmes to feature a problem arising from an equestrian connection, such as a partner spending too much time or money on their horse, or focusing too much attention on their children’s hobby.

    The programme will be light-hearted with no hidden cameras and the emphasis placed on resolving issues.

    During the series Tracey will meet the family or couple and discuss the problems they have. She willthen set the couples four exercises and viewers will be able to follow their progress as they work through them .

    “I’d love to hear from anyone who thinks their living arrangements could be improved,” says Tracey. “I’m particularly keen to hear from people who are finding that you, your partner or your kids’ love of horses is starting to dominate everyone’s lives and causing stress at home.”

    The programme, which has yet to be named, is planned to broadcast during the early eveningon weekdays for four weeks during May.

    Anyone interested in taking part should contact the production team (tel: 0208 877 5528) or send them an email at tvshow@prospect-uk.com

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