Saddle Research Trust to host a public conference

  • The Saddle Research Trust (SRT) is hosting a public conference for the first time.

    The SRT is holding the “first global gathering of leading researchers to discuss the complex relationship between horse, saddle and rider” on Saturday 18 February.

    It will be at the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

    Discussions will include current saddle performance research, the function of saddles for horse and rider, as well as examining how scientific systems and techniques can be utilised to improve horse welfare.

    Key speakers will include Professor Hilary Clayton, Dr Lars Roepstorff, Dr Narelle Stubbs and Professor Christian Peham.

    “The conference will be a fascinating day for anyone who has an interest in the welfare of the ridden performance horse,” said Anne Bondi from the SRT.

    “Back issues and saddle-related problems are important performance impairing factors that are widely underestimated. There has been huge support for this ground breaking project from around the world and we can look forward to a unique insight into the future of research. “

    Tickets for the conference cost £100 for SRT members and £150 for non-members.


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