Sad plight of Iraq’s animals

A virtually non-existent veterinary service in Iraq has prompted WSPA to launch an emergency appeal for £160,000 to help the country’s animal casualties of war.

Horses, ponies, donkeys and mules are playing an important role in re-establishing the country’s infrastructure. For a large portion of the Iraqi population, equines provide a means of transport as well as a source of income.

An initial assessment of veterinary supplies carried out just after the end of the war revealed a worrying lack of equipment and medicines. Funds are now desperately needed to allow the provision of veterinary services in agricultural areas and in the regions most affected by the war.

WSPA are planning to enter Iraq via Kuwait on 5 June and distribute several tonnes of essential medicines to a network of veterinary hospitals throughout central and southern Iraq.

Brian Faulkner, a WSPA team member said: “Iraq’s veterinary system is in dire need of life saving medicines to help the animals of this war-torn country. Our emergency supplies will help to provide a lifeline for Iraq’s animals during this crucial period when this country is getting back on its feet.”

For more information on the Iraq appeal visit www.wspa.org.uk

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