Do you know who owns A414 horses?

  • The RSPCA is appealing for information after they had to remove 3 ponies were from a field in Hertfordshire.

    The ponies were part of a group of 13 left to fly graze on privately owned land.

    3 were moved by their owners, but the others had been left in the field off the A414 with no grazing.

    3 of the ponies — 2 mares and a colt — had begun to deteriorate and RSPCA inspectors stepped in and removed them last Wednesday (19 February). All 3 were very thin and 1 had a leg injury.

    Herts chestnut1

    They were unable to catch a 4th pony that will continue to be monitored.

    “These are lovely ponies but were lethargic and suffering from lice infestations, which means the remaining ponies are likely to have the same,” Inspector Tina Ward said.

    “We have been making enquiries for some time about these ponies’ ownership but never had any luck tracing who they belong to.

    “We had kept an eye on them but, as they had always been in good bodily condition we were not legally able to remove them. However, these ponies had really gone downhill so due to the lack of grazing, poor fencing and waterlogged conditions we needed to get them moved to protect their welfare.”

    If you can help the RSPCA identify who owns the ponies grazing alongside the A414 between St Albans and Hatfield please call 0300 123 8018.

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