RSPCA appeal after pony dies

  • The RSPCA is appealing for help in tracing the owner ofa seriously ill pony found wandering along a road in Leeds which later died.

    A gentleman driving along Tong road in Leeds last Wednesday evening (14 May) found the 12hh grey native-type pony standing in the middle of the road.

    The man, who was towing an empty trailer, managed to load the pony and unsure what to do next, took it to the RSPCA regional headquarters in Bramley.

    RSPCA inspector John Atkinson was extremely concerned by the state of the pony, which was having considerable difficulty breathing. With the help of an animal collection officer, he was transferred to the RSPCA’s Bradford Animal Centre where he was immediately seen by a vet.

    Diagnosed with pneumonia, the pony was placed on antibiotics and bute. His condition was so serious it was touch and go, and although initially he seemed to be making good progress, he sadly died on Friday morning.

    “This is not a case of neglect,” says John. “His body condition was good, his feet had recently been trimmed and he was found wearing a fairly new, good-quality headcollar.

    “We would like to establish where he came from and who owned him. It could be that his owners haven’t realised he is missing although as yet no-one has come forward.

    “I would urge every horse owner to make sure their animal is insured as treatment for illness is expensive.”

    Anyone with any information on the pony should contact the RSPCA (tel: 08705 555999)

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