Royal wedding quartermark stencils on sale

  • Irish riders sport a shamrock, Kiwis a fern — with a royal wedding looming, how about flashing a crown on your horse’s quarters?

    Online outfit Clippersharp has the answer — a new Royal Crown stencil based on an original design it created for an “undisclosed royal customer”.

    “The design worked so well we’ve adapted it for use by everyone,” said Vicky Gooding of Smart Grooming.

    The stencil proved particularly popular with overseas customers when exhibited at Britain’s leading equestrian trade fair, BETA International, in February.

    The stencil can be brushed on to a summer coat, but, for maximum effect, Vicky suggests using silver or gold glitter spray: “It shows up in the sun, or under spotlights, fantastically well.” We’re sure it does!

    To order stencil and sprays, visit www.clippersharp.com, or tel: 01823 681076.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of Horse & Hound (14 April, 2011)

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