One horse eliminated in the dressage at Burghley in controversial decision

  • Makara De Montiege, ridden by Frenchman Rodolphe Scherer has been eliminated in the dressage phase of the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials.

    A statement released by the ground jury of Great Britain’s Sue Baxter, Ireland’s David Lee and Denmark’s Anne-Mette Binder said:

    “The ground jury unanimously considered the horse unlevel and so unfortunately not fit to continue.”

    The 16-year-old grey mare was pulled up by Sue, the ground jury president, during the early trot work movements.

    Rodolphe then trotted the mare on a long rein to demonstrate any suspected lameness and then was asked to leave the arena. He was visibly very unhappy. His horse was led back to the stables with her ears pricked.

    Makara De Montiege and Rodolphe finished 24th at Burghley in 2015 and they were 19th at Badminton this spring (pictured).

    Although the FEI rules make provision for the ground jury to eliminate a horse at any time during the competition if they believe it lame or unfit to continue, it is very unusual for a horse to be sent out of the dressage arena. It is more common for the ground jury to allow the horse to complete its dressage test and then ask for it be looked at again before the cross-country phase.

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