Riding school responds to Katie Price’s social media criticism

  • A riding school has defended itself following criticism from Katie Price.

    The celebrity sold a horse, Jordan’s Glamour Girl (Blaze), to Contessa Riding Centre, Hertfordshire.

    Katie was furious when the centre shared pictures of the horse, who is now known as GiGi, being schooled, on its Facebook page.

    The post displayed several photographs of the horse, who Katie rode at Horse of the Year Show in 2008, doing one-time changes and trot extensions.

    “I’m really sad and upset and angry that I sold my horse Blaze to this person for £1,000 wanting her to have a quieter life as she is in her 20s and has two major leg injuries and has done dressage all her life,” said Katie.

    “[She] has now had a name change and is being used as a riding school horse. This lady clearly thinks of money rather than the horse’s wellbeing. If I knew this I would have kept her.”

    A spokesman for Contessa Riding Centre said it was “saddened” to see Katie’s posts.

    GiGi is a much-loved member of our team at Contessa Riding Centre and, along with all of our horses and ponies, cared for to the highest standard,” the spokesman said.

    “She is currently exercised three times a week, is sound and goes about her work with huge enthusiasm. Riders are assessed before they are allocated GiGi to ride and we are very careful to ensure her soundness and level of schooling is protected.”

    The spokesman said that “many of the points Katie has made are factually incorrect”.

    “GiGi was bought in 2012 for a sum greater than £1,000,” he said. “We do not feel it necessary to disclose the exact amount, but we do have paperwork that we can present to Katie should she wish to see confirmation of this.

    “We arrived to collect GiGi in a lorry branded with our riding centre’s logo and at no point were dishonest in our intentions towards GiGi.

    “As a centre, we pride ourselves on our happy horses and fulfilled clients. As a council-approved and British Horse Society A5 centre, we are inspected yearly and all horses must be seen by the vet. GiGi has presented as sound, fit and well on every inspection.”

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    The spokesman added that Katie and her vet were welcome to visit GiGi and to discuss her welfare with Tina Layton BHSI, the founder of the riding school, and their vet.

    “We would be pleased to offer her the opportunity to take part in one of our advanced sessions so that she can experience GiGi’s work firsthand,” he said.

    “We are sure that she will leave us comforted that GiGi is fit, well and much loved.”

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