Safety in numbers: army of riders battle for safer roads

  • A crowd of riders took to the city streets with their horses to battle for safer conditions on the roads last weekend.

    More than 60 combinations were involved in the road safety event in Nottinghamshire on Sunday (2 October).

    Organised by Penelope Stocks, the group rode from Wollaton Park to Nottingham Castle and back.roadsafetyevent1

    Around 100 foot followers carrying banners joined the mounted procession, who all wore high-visibility clothing.

    “It was absolutely fantastic,” Ms Stocks told H&H.

    “I was in front and it was really great to look back and see that sea of high-vis from all the followers going up Derby Road towards the castle.roadsafety7

    The traffic was great — there was no beeping or anything like that. Children were waving at us all and all the drivers were thanking us.”

    The group were joined by jockey Mattie Batchelor and the Pwoducer from Wocket Woy.

    “Having them there was amazing and they were very funny,” said Ms Stocks.wocket-woy

    “We made sure the riders were in pairs and tried not to take up too much room so we could make way for other road users.”

    Ms Stocks, who had been organising the ride since March with her committee, has been making plans for further road safety events in the future.

    These include a coast-to-coast ride from Scarborough next June.road-safety-4

    “We want to look at the bridleways on an old map and compare to the off-road riding we have now,” she said.

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    “We want to raise awareness of bridleways that we have lost and hope to encourage more to be opened up.roadsafetyevent2

    “I’m as keen as ever to improve conditions on the roads for riders. I want to make it as safe as possible.”

    Ms Stocks’ petition Make it Law, calls for drivers to have to pass horses at 15mph by law.

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