Wocket Woy stars to join road safety campaign ride

  • Hundreds of riders, including a celebrity jockey, will be taking part in road safety events next month.

    The rides, which are aimed at raising awareness of horses on the roads, will take place in Nottinghamshire and Cornwall on 2 October.

    Michelle Storer has been helping to organise the 10km Nottinghamshire ride.

    “It’s hard to tell how many people will come, 170 people have said they will attend on Facebook and another 450 have said they are interested,” Ms Storer told H&H.

    “Mattie Batchelor and the Pwoducer from Wocket Woy are among those joining us, which has created a great amount of interest.”

    The group will ride from Wollaton Park to Nottingham Castle and back.

    The air ambulance service will lead the procession in a large trailer and foot followers will be joining the riders carrying banners.

    Penelope Stocks launched the Nottinghamshire road safety initiative.

    As well as organising the ride, Ms Stocks started a petition, Make it Law, calling for drivers to have to pass horses at 15mph by law.

    “I’d seen so many incidents of near-misses that I thought something has to be done,” Ms Stocks told H&H.

    The Cornish ride will be starting from Tregurtha Downs and going through Marazion town and beach.

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    The two-hour ride has been organised by Debbie Smith of the Pass Wide and Slow group.

    Ms Smith launched a road safety petition on 14 September last year.

    It has since reached over 90,000 signatures and was taken to the transport minister earlier this year (23 February).

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