Riders strip off to urge more drivers to slow down *PICTURES*

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    Riders in Nottinghamshire have hacked out in their underwear to raise awareness of road safety around horses.

    On Sunday morning (27 September), 11 riders stripped off and rode their horses around Seltson village. They were accompanied by three driven turnouts, and supporters on foot.

    The parade was inspired by the “slow down for my horse” campaign, which was launched on Facebook earlier this year (4 August).



    In a bid to make motorists pay attention to horses, hundreds of riders have posted pictures of themselves leading or riding their horses in their underwear with the caption “Will you slow down for me now?”

    “I saw the campaign and wanted to spread the message to the public,” Hannah Leslie, organiser of the ride, told H&H.

    “People that don’t have horses need to know there’s a problem and that drivers should slow down.



    “We have two bridleways in the area which are both very short and lead to dead ends so we stick to the country roads. Drivers are not always considerate.”

    Local councillors supported the campaign and one joined in the ride on horseback.

    The group displayed banners with road safety slogans and a foot supporter dressed as a sumo wrestler.



    “We had people asking what the ride was in aid of and a lot of people took photos,” said Hannah.

    The group rode for one hour and finished at the Co-op supermarket.

    “They were amazing and let us meet and finish the ride there,” added Hannah.

    “They had buckets of water for the horses at the end and sausage rolls for the riders.”

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