Riders strip off to make drivers slow down

  • Riders across the country have been stripping off to raise awareness of road safety around horses.

    Lauren De Gruchy set up Facebook page Slow Down For My Horse Campaign earlier this month (4 August) and the page already has over 10,000 likes.

    Hundreds of riders have posted pictures of themselves leading or riding their horses in their underwear with the caption “Will you slow down for me now?”

    Men and women across the country have been taking part in the campaign

    Men and women across the country have been taking part in the campaign

    Lauren set up the campaign in a bid to make motorists pay attention to horses on the roads.

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    “I’ve heard about so many accidents involving horses in the news,” Jersey-based Lauren told H&H.

    “I thought it would be a fun, but also serious way to raise awareness.

    “I really hope it gets the message to drivers who don’t slow down or pass wide, as they would definitely slow down if they saw a half-naked rider.”

    The campaign started when Lauren stripped off and posted a picture of herself and her gelding Starlight on the page.


    Laura and Laddy

    From then on the pictures kept coming in, from both men and women.

    “I didn’t realise it would become so big — so many people are joining in,” added Lauren.

    Kent-based Laura Needham is one of many riders who have decided to take part in the campaign, having had a near-miss with a car herself.

    “Horse and rider road safety is becoming a real issue,” she said.

    “If even one person stops to think about the photos from the campaign and slows down for horses, then it is one less potential accident on the roads.”

    For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Slow-Down-For-My-Horse-Campaign/1662525457352457?fref=ts

    H&H recommends that riders should only take part if safe to do so on their own private land. Appropriate safety equipment should be worn at all times.

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