Riding injuries first aid course to raise funds for Air Ambulance

  • A evening of specialist first aid for riders is being held at Harrogate, Yorkshire on Monday (14 April).

    The event, which will raise money for the Great North Air Ambulance, is being organised by eventer Joanna Joyce Gray, who fell while hunting with the West of Yore in January and had to be airlifted to hospital.

    She said she was lucky because friends with her had mobile phone reception and were able to call for help, but worries what she would have done had the roles reversed.

    “Like so many people I have not got round to doing any first aid training, now is the time to change this,” she said.

    Joanna has worked with the Great North Air Ambulance Service to put together an evening of first aid instruction tailored to dealing with riding-related injuries — including spinal, chest and head injuries and dealing with bleeding and broken bones.

    Entrance is £20 and places must be booked by calling 07770 994222 or emailing ridersfirstaid@aol.co.uk.

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