Riding clubs launch anti-theft scheme

  • Microchipping company Identichip are joining forces with riding clubs to hold microchipping days at clinics, rallies or training sessions throughout the summer.

    Spokesman Tim Smith said that the response so far has been “really positive” with a lot of riding clubs taking up the offer.

    “Due to increasing numbers of horses and ponies being stolen each year, microchipping a horse is part of being a “responsible owner”, which affords “peaceof mind”, says Tim. “Encouraging owners is a big step forward.”

    The Identichip system involves a small chip being injected under the skin of the horse’s neck.

    Scanners are available wherever the identity of a horse is called for, for example by animal wardens, slaughterhouses and sales rings.

    If a horse or pony has been microchipped, a scanner brushed over the horse’s neck will register the identity number. This will be matched up with owner and animal details by a central database.

    As part of the riding club promotion Identichip’s distributor’s, Animalcare, will provide a vet to carry out the microchipping. It also offers the service at a special promotional price of £25 and for each horse microchipped donates £2.50 to the riding club hosting the day.

    For further information riding club secretaries should contact Animalcare (tel: 01904 487687) or visit www.identichip.co.uk. Those who are interested but are not members of a riding club should contact their local vet.

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