Riders and horses attacked by dogs in Epping Forest

  • A couple out riding was attacked by a pack of dogs while hacking in Epping Forest, Essex.

    Ash Scott-Lockyer and his wife, Fiona, were riding along a forest path on Thursday April 28, when they were attacked by three huskies.

    The dogs leapt up at the horses and pursued the couple as they tried to get away.

    Mr Scott-Lockyer said: “They came charging out at us. They were muzzled but very aggressive. The dogs were going for our horses’ stomachs and hindquarters. They reverted to pack mode and were like hunters trying to cut my horse out from the pair. When I hit one of the dogs with my crop I it didn’t seem to feel a thing, it was in such a frenzy.”

    According to Mr Scott-Lockyer, the dogs’ owners did little to avert the situation.

    “The owners came, swore at us, and told us not to hit their dog before making some half hearted efforts to pull them off,” he said.

    Mr Scott-Lockyer said that the decision to scrap the mounted Forest Keepers in 2009 had made Epping Forest more dangerous.

    “The signage asking people to keep dogs on leads is very inadequate. There are not enough rangers there to enforce the rules. It is no good them just sitting in a car park in a 4×4, we need feet on the ground to keep people safe.”

    Mr and Mrs Scott-Lockyer’s horses suffered minor wounds.

    The BHS has a website where members of the public can report horse accidents.

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