Riderless ponies escape down main road in Paris

  • A pack of riderless ponies caused chaos on a Paris motorway last weekend after escaping from a theatre.

    The performing ponies were fully tacked when they made a dash down the A4 in Paris towards Strasbourg at around midday on Saturday (30 January).

    They had escaped from the Cartoucherie of Vincennes theatre, where they are used to give children rides every weekend.

    Organisers believe the ponies were spooked by the horns of passing motorists.

    Fortunately the loose ponies didn’t cause any traffic accidents and were all returned to the theatre unhurt.

    Two ponies were captured by police and firefighters and the remaining five were found later in the afternoon in the Vincennes Woods.

    “It was an amazing sight,” The Telegraph reported a witness to have said.

    “They had their heads down and were extremely determined, weaving in and out of cars, lorries and motorbikes.

    “Motorists were overtaking them. The ponies looked a bit scared but they seemed to know exactly where they were going, and they were trying to go there together.”

    Last year an escaped military horse threw his rider and charged down the banks of the seine and through the streets of Paris.

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