Rider shocked to win £1,000 jackpot in 90cm jumping class

  • A rider was surprised to find they had scooped £1,000 in prize money after winning an unaffiliated 90cm showjumping class.

    Zoe Goscombe-Best and her German sports pony Milo landed the bonus after securing the largest winning margin of any class jumped at the David Broome Event Centre, Cricklands last Saturday (10 August).

    The 23-year-old rider and her 15-year-old chestnut gelding braved the elements to beat 20 other riders to the 90cm win by a 5.38sec advantage. Zoe said she was pleased just to head the class and didn’t know until the next day about the £1,000 leading rider jackpot.

    “It was as I was going in to one of my classes on Sunday that someone said ‘did you get your money and your prize?’ It came as a massive shock,” she said.

    “On the Saturday it chucked it down just as about to go in the ring – I couldn’t even see first fence, but he got me round. He was pretty quick in the jump off so maybe he just wanted to get it over and done with!”

    The pair beat more than 400 other combinations out of 12 classes to the prize.

    “I couldn’t believe it then and I can’t believe it now — I have always dreamed of winning at Cricklands,” Zoe added. “It’s the first time we’ve been out in two years as I haven’t had any transport!”

    Zoe has owned the 14.2hh pony since he was six years old and has navigated some “bumps in the road”, including when she was told he wouldn’t be ridden again after a tendon injury.

    “It was several years ago and he had to have six months box rest — it’s amazing he made a full recovery and got back to competing and winning again,” she said.

    Zoe added that Cricklands’ senior champions of Great Britain show was a “wonderful opportunity for everyone”.

    “I just never thought it would be me winning it!” she said.

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