Rider expands her yard to include zebras

  • A small herd of equines more familiar on African plains than yards in the UK have become residents of a livery yard close to Bristol city centre.

    Professional rider, livery yard owner and breeder, Terri Hill, has created an enclosure licensed to stable six wild equids, and currently has four zebras under her care.

    “All of the zebras here are males and of UK origin,” Terri told H&H. “They have been passed to me as they were causing trouble at the zoos.”

    Terri hopes to establish a bachelor herd of yearling zebras, which can be moved to zoos to breed when they reach maturity.

    “Currently I’ve got one yearling from Africa Alive in Suffolk, that was causing friction in the herd, and one from Folly Farm in Pembroke that was clashing with another stallion.

    “I’ve also got two from Dublin Zoo that were causing problems as they were teasing a rhino!”

    Terri, who showjumped for Great Britain as a young rider in 1995 and has since competed different horses across all disciplines, spent two years negotiating before finalising the paperwork — a dangerous wild animals license – and completing the enclosure.

    “I’m closely monitoring the zebras while they are here,” Terri continued. “In a couple of years I am hoping to be able to do a part-time PhD on the welfare of wild equids in captivity.”

    Despite caring for and monitoring four wild zebras, Terri is still active on the competition circuit.

    After coming 4th at Kingston Maurward elementary dressage to music on Shires Typhoon last weekend she is hoping to secure a wildcard entry for the National Dressage Championships.

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