Rider dyes pony’s mane and tail to slow speeding drivers

  • A rider has dyed her pony’s mane and tail bright colours in the hope it will encourage drivers to slow down after a frightening near-miss on the road.

    Ceylan Karakas from the Wirrel was hacking her six-year-old part-bred Appaloosa Dr Jekyll in May when he almost collided with a car.

    “I have to cross a 60mph country road from the yard driveway to get to a bridlepath. Cars were driving past and could see us waiting to cross but they didn’t stop or slow down.

    “On our way back as were waiting to cross I saw a car hurtling towards us. Dr Jekyll freaked out, spun towards the road and the car nearly hit him.”

    Ceylan said since the incident she doesn’t want to hack alone.

    “I don’t feel safe on the roads, it’s ruined my confidence and that’s not fair on Dr Jekyll if he can feel that,” she said.

    “The yard has children crossing the road. You think you’re safe only having to cross one road, but you’re not.”

    Ceylan has dyed Dr Jeyll’s mane and tail using non-permanent animal-safe stain and hopes it will have a positive impact on drivers.

    “I like dying my hair and thought it would be fun for us to match. I researched it and found some hair colour which is animal friendly. I did it for fun at first, but thought it would be a double-whammy if it makes us stand out to drivers,” said Ceylon.

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    “The colour is really prominent and friends have said you can see us both a mile off. It’s human nature to stop stare – we’re curious creatures. The more outlandish you look, the more people stop and want a photo. I’ve had people look at Dr Jekyll more because he’s spotty so I hope with the dye it might make drivers slow down.”

    Ceylan posted pictures online and said she has had positive feedback.

    “I’ve had people send photos where they’ve dyed their horses pink for rides for cancer awareness. It won’t work for everyone, but if it makes people slow down then it’s for a good reason,” she said.

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