Rider receives torrent of abuse after asking driver to slow down

  • A rider who was subjected to a torrent of abuse from a driver she had asked to slow down is urging motorists to be more considerate.

    Abigail Randall, from Lincolnshire, was hacking her 17hh six-year-old sport horse Molly with her boyfriend Sean, who was on a bike, along a country lane in Knaith on 19 April when she heard a car approaching from behind.

    Abigail told H&H: “It’s a narrow road and I could tell the car was coming quite fast so I asked the driver to slow down. There was about a foot and a half between his car and my boot as he overtook and then he slammed on his brakes and jumped out of the car.

    “The driver shouted that there are no rules on how to pass a horse. My boyfriend told the driver he should look at the Highway Code but the driver got aggressive and became abusive. He said riders should pick their horses’ muck up off the road. There’s no point arguing with some people.”

    The man got back in his car and drove off.

    “About 10 minutes after the incident with the car, Molly spooked at a bird in a hedge and shot across the road. This is why I ask cars to slow down because horses can do things like that – it’s not just about them spooking at a car. Molly is usually quite good with traffic but I’m always aware,” said Abigail.

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    “We don’t have bridleways in the area and I rely on hacking. I always try to be considerate to drivers – I move on to a verge and pull over when I can to let drivers past and I don’t used busy roads at peak times.”

    Abigail said it feels like riders “can’t win”.

    “Most drivers are quite good but you always get one. I thank drivers when they slow down but some don’t seem to know the rules on passing horses or don’t think they need to slow down. Some don’t want us on the road, and then dog walkers don’t always want us off-road. If we show drivers consideration why can’t they show us some – it works both ways. It’s about keeping everyone safe,” she said.

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