Rider appeals on behalf of Brooke Hospital

  • Horse owner Jane Dowrick from Blackdown Hills, Dorset, recently took part in the International League for the Protections of Horses’ first charity horseback trek in Jordan.

    “The five-day trek in Jordan was a fantastic experience. While I was in Petra city, I went to a Brooke Hospital and nearby I saw lots of working donkeys and horses, giving rides,” explains Jane.

    “Most of the donkeys and some of the horses wore chain headcollars, which had got embedded in their noses and looked painful.

    “Saddles are also not widely available out there.”

    Jane, who is 43, was motivated to take part in the trek after having been diagnosed with a form of cancer.

    “I planned to raise £2,000 and I am only £200 short,” says Jane. “Local businesses have been wonderfully supportive, as have friends.

    “Once I got back home, I started a campaign to collect headcollars to send out to Jordan. After all, there are lots of people here who have got ones they aren’t using any more.

    “Someone has also kindly made 24 fly fringes and I’m also collecting girth sleeves to send.

    “I have been busy washing, repairing and sending them out to the Brooke Hospital. I have just sent five headcollars and they cost £14.50. Luckily someone kindly paid the postage for me – help with postage is a bonus.”

    The Brooke Hospital, which has its headquarters in London, is a welfare charity which works to improve the care of working equines overseas by providing free veterinary care and by educating owners.

    Users who wants to help Jane in her Brooke Hospital campaign should contact her on (tel: 07887 481629) or e-mail jane.dowrick@amserve.net

    The Brooke Hospital welcomes donations to help with medical supplies. For more information contact(tel: 020 7930 0210)

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