Ride to improve road safety

  • Top equestrian magazines join forces with the BHS to make roads a safer place for riders.

    Horse & Hound magazine has joined forces with its sister publication HORSE magazine and the British Horse Society to enable riders to play an active role in its campaign to make roads safer.

    Saturday, 13 October is Ride For Road Safety Day and riders from all over Britain are invited to get together and ride for road safety.

    HORSE magazine pioneered the rides in 1999, and the impact of riders taking to the streets to make drivers aware of their plight has grown year on year. Last year, more than 2,000 riders went into towns and villages to put the message across.

    The idea is for riders to get together and organise a ride in their area, or join one of many organised rides, accompanied by pedestrians or drivers who can hand out information about safe driving around horses to passers-by.

    Riders should be correctlyattired and wear high-visibility clothing and/or equipment. They should also be mounted on horses which are safe in traffic and with crowds of people.

    Stay in touch with the latest information about rides in your area by reading Horse & Hound and HORSE magazine regularly. To ensure you never miss a copy of Horse & Hound or Horse magazine click here.

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