Operation to remove painful tooth in rescued Shire goes ahead thanks to supporters

  • A rescued Shire horse has undergone successful dental surgery to remove a painful tooth thanks to a charity’s supporters.

    Lolly arrived at HorseWorld’s Bristol base as one of 19 abandoned Shires in 2018.

    As she grew, one of her teeth came through crooked, causing pain and trapping food in the gap.

    The tooth needed extracting, but for this to be done safely, she needed sedation and to undergo the procedure at a veterinary hospital.

    This came with a price tag of around £3,000, which the charity’s supporters raised. One person put up the full amount, with the rest of the money going towards her aftercare as well as the ongoing care and rehabilitation of more than 100 rescued horses on site.

    Lolly’s tooth

    Fundraising officer Amy Williams said the charity “cannot thank them enough”.

    HorseWorld equine welfare manager Sarah Hollister added: “Lolly will need another visit from the vet soon to remove an implant that was fitted in the gap to stop food infecting the wound during the first stages of healing.

    “The vet will then need to see her in six months to check it is all healing as it should be and that there isn’t any food or infection in the gap the missing tooth has left.

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    “Now that the tooth has come out, Lolly will need more frequent checks for the rest of her life as the opposite tooth has nothing to grind against so will need more frequent rasps.”

    Ms Hollister added Lolly was “extremely well behaved throughout the process.”

    “She loaded into the lorry without a fuss, was calm travelling and was very good for the vets and nurses. What a super-sized superstar she is!” she added.

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