Rescue centre appeals for help

  • Voluntary welfare advisors are urgently needed to help rescued horses at Redwings Horse Sanctuary

    Redwings Horse Sanctuary is desperately seeking equine welfare advisors in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Devon and Cornwall.

    The Norfolk-based charity relies heavily on its nationwide volunteer team to respond quickly to enquiries.

    This could involve talking to people wanting the sanctuary to provide a home for their horse or pony, investigating a report of cruelty or neglect, or supporting a struggling owner.

    We need people who have kept their own horse and have quite a few years experience,” says Hannah Rowley, Redwings’ marketing andinformation officer. “Someone who can explain the basic needs of a horse or pony and be able to suggest what might be causing a particular problem and perhaps offer a solution.

    Advisors also need to very good with people – tactful and sympathetic – and able to diffuse potentially inflammatory situations. Individuals can often feel threatened when concern is shown about animals in their care.”

    The sanctuary, which has five farms in Norfolk and is opening its first visitor centre outside the county in Suffolk next spring, offers advisors a full back-up service.

    This includes training, a regular newsletter, updates and direct contact with the welfare team. All out-of-pocket expenses are also paid.

    Advisors’ details are kept confidential and the public can only contact them through the Redwings welfare department. Volunteers may be called on once or twice a year, or once or twice a week in the very busy areas.

    If you believe you’ve got what it takes to be an Equine Welfare Advisor for Redwings, contact Nicolas de Brauwere at Redwings (tel: 01508 481006).

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