Redwings’ oldest horse dies aged 36

  • Redwings‘ oldest horse — who came to the charity four years ago severely emaciated — has died aged 36.

    Laddy was put down last Thursday (18 September) after suffering from a heart condition.

    Laddy before

    Laddy when he arrived at Redwings

    He arrived at Redwings in July 2010 and was extremely underweight. He was suffering from severe dental problems and so was unable graze properly.

    Laddy’s owner attributed his emaciated state to old age rather than as a result of neglected health issues and insufficient care.

    She subsequently found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering and given a 12-month community order and a ban from keeping horses for ten years.

    “Just because a horse is old, does not mean it is ‘normal’ to be underweight,” said Redwings vet Nic de Brauware.

    Laddy 2014

    Laddy enjoyed his retirement at the sanctuary

    “The fantastic recovery that Laddy has made since he has been in our care is proof of that. With good dental care and the right nutrition an elderly horse can still have an excellent quality of life. There is no excuse for allowing your horse to get into such a state and the severity of the sentence in this case reflects this”.

    “Laddy will be sorely missed by all. His journey to recovery, his character and his gentle nature touched so many supporters and all of us here at Redwings,” said Redwing’s Lynn Cutress.

    Redwings’ oldest resident is Humphrey the donkey, who was born in 1966.

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