Queen’s Award nominee: Prince Philip

  • Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, has been nominated for the Queen’s Award by the British Horse Driving Trials Association

    Prince Philip is retiring at the age of 85/86 from competitive carriage driving, a sport which he himself practically invented and whose rules he originally wrote.

    In 1980 he was part of a very successful British international team which won the gold medal at the World Championships. He has brought to our sport credit and renown; he has been an example to all other competitors of sporting attitude as well as being highly competitive himself. These attributes will surely continue without interruption until his sad and inevitable retirement.

    It is not often that a new sport is invented but it is surely unique that the inventor of a physical sport can continue to compete at international level until 85!

    It was Prince Philip’s enthusiasm, although not originally his idea, that ensured that driving became a part of the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) in 1979. He is very supportive of all the RDA’s driving activities and has often visited RDA centres around the country.

    Prince Philip was a very active and influential president of the FEI for around 20 years.

    He has also had a significant involvement with the Pony Club and founded the Prince Philip Cup for Pony Club mounted games.

    In addition to all this, he has been involved with a huge number of breed societies and other organisations, and is a top class polo player.

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