Queen’s Award nominee: Di Redfern

  • Di Redfern has been nominated for the BHS Queen’s Award by the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA)

    Di Redfern has been a volunteer for the RDA since the 1960’s, becoming influential in the organisation while always having a passion for developing our riders.

    Her voluntary activity has focussed on both ensuring that people with disabilities get the best possible coaching, whatever their needs, and providing guidance and leadership, firstly for her group and then for the RDA as a whole. She has excelled in both areas and done much to promote equestrianism.

    Within the RDA Di has become a well-known and influential figure, both as a result of her great success and driving passion and also for her ability to support and guide people.

    Di has had a major impact in the area of talented riders and the Para Equestrian squad. As well as innovative coaching and support for the riders, Di has supported and trained some of the next generation of coaches, ensuring on-going success. She also works closely with riders’ families to ensure that they receive the support that is necessary.

    Additionally, Di has been a central figure of the national organisation. She has used her influence and leadership in the training of instructors, particularly as a key member of the RDA dressage and training committees. She was a regional chairman and then trustee of the national RDA. Ultimately, she became deputy chairman and helped steer the RDA through its transition to become a federation.

    Contribution to the RDA

    Late 1960s: Volunteer at South Bucks RDA Group
    1974 – to date: Chairman, Group Organiser and Host, South Bucks RDA Group
    1985 – 1987: RDA County Instructor for Buckinghamshire
    1988 – 1996: RDA Regional Instructor for the South Region
    1997 – 2006: RDA Regional Chairman for the South Region
    1988 – 1995: Member of the RDA Training Committee
    1990 – 1995: Member of the RDA Dressage Committee
    1993 – 1995: Chairman of the RDA Dressage Committee and Dressage Rep on the RDA Training Committee
    1997 – 2004: Member of the Management Committee of RDA National
    2004 – 2006: Trustee of RDA National (following the organisation’s incorporation in 2004)
    1999 – 2006: Chairman, RDA Regional Chairmen’s Committee
    1999 – 2006: Deputy Chairman of RDA National

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