Protestor dumps lorryload of manure on French parliament building

  • The proverbial hit the Élysée Palace earlier this month — with allegations that French president François Hollande had an affair with an actress.

    And now several tonnes of horse manure have been dumped outside the nation’s parliament in Paris.

    “Out with Hollande and the entire political class!” read a slogan on the side of the man’s truck.

    The perpetrator, it seems, was not the wronged first lady, Valerie “Rottweiler” Trierweiler, but a disgruntled horse breeder.

    Security staff said his pungent protest was against a VAT hike of 7-20% for riding clubs.

    Monsieur Hollande — who’s been accused of running the country’s economy into the ground — has the lowest popularity ratings of any modern-day French leader. Merde!


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