Priscilla Presley reveals Elvis’s obsession with horses

  • He may have been famous for his blue suede shoes and his iconic quiff, but little is it known that the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley had a soft spot for horses.

    Elvis’s wife Priscilla has revealed in a recent documentary that during the height of his popularity, Elvis went on a mad spending spree for horses. She claimed he had 18 horses at one point.

    Priscilla Presley said in the documentary “Elvis, by the Presleys”, that Elvis was obsessed with wanting a palomino, and, “would get up at 3am to go and look for them”.

    When he eventually bought palomino for himself he named it Rising Sun and stabled at his barn, House of the Rising Sun. He also bought a quarter horse called Domino for Priscilla.

    The singer then reportedly went “horse-mad” — buying horses for everyone he knew.

    His wife said: “It didn’t matter if you wanted one or not, you were getting a horse”

    His obsession grew to the point that he eventually had to buy a 163-acre farm to stable his horses, which he named Circle G in honour of Graceland.

    The last horse that Elvis bought was a black colt named Carbon Copy, which was still on view to the public when Graceland began tours in the 1980s.

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