Princess Royal hails World Horse Welfare’s ‘fantastic achievement’

  • The redevelopment of World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre is a “fantastic achievement”, according to the Princess Royal.

    The charity’s president carried out the official opening of the development on 15 July, after which she was given a tour of the new facilities, with more than 160 other guests.

    The final stage of the project includes an indoor arena, which will allow the charity to continue its rehabilitation work all year, and a visitor centre.

    Princess Anne met staff and heard about “the journey from rescue to rehabilitation” made by horses who have come into the care of World Horse Welfare.

    She said: “These new facilities are a fantastic achievement. I am hugely impressed by the planning, forethought, layout and understanding of what was needed, not just for the horses who receive care at Glenda Spooner Farm, but for the people who come here and visit too.

    “It is this relationship between horses and humans that is the most important for the future success of World Horse Welfare’s work.

    “Glenda Spooner Farm’s redevelopment is a long term investment, which has the scope to attract more interest from supporters, but to also do a lot more good.”

    The Princess Royal also unveiled a double-sided sculpture of World Horse Welfare adoption horse May, made by Judy Boyt, which shows May’s emaciated condition on her arrival on one side, while the other shows her as she is now, in “full health”.


    World Horse Welfare chief executive Roly Owers said: “As so clearly articulated by our president, this is the end of one chapter and the start of a new one with such exciting potential for the future – thoughts which are very much echoed by everyone at World Horse Welfare.

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    “It was very special to see the new facilities being so enjoyed by our guests on Friday and we cannot wait to welcome visitors.

    “Rehoming is such a core focus, and when our president last visited Glenda Spooner Farm three years ago, her visit resulted in her rehoming Welsh pony Annie, who caught her eye while she was here.

    “So whilst we do love visitors coming in to enjoy a cup of coffee here with us, we also hope many of them might also consider taking a horse or pony home with them too!

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