Prestigious hunt denied its own trademark

  • The Quorn hunt have been blocked from registering their name as a brand by the company behind the meat substitute called Quorn

    The 300-year-old hunt had applied to register their name for a wide range of goods, including guns, equestrian equipment and clothing. But trademarks judge Michael Reynolds backed manufacturer Middlesbrough-based Marlow Foods Ltd’s claim that, registering the Quorn hunt trademark would tarnish their Quorn brand, for which the core market is vegetarians.

    “Strictly, there is no evidence before me to indicate the prevailing attitude (if there is one) of vegetarians to hunting and related field sports,” said Mr Reynolds. “But, whatever the primary motive for choosing a vegetarian diet, there are, in my view, likely to be significant numbers of vegetarians who will disapprove of hunting.”

    But he allowed the Quorn hunt’s application in respect of stationery, pens and pencils, cards, photographs, pictures, coasters, posters and manuals — on which he said no objection could be upheld.

  • This story was first published in Horse & Hound (18 November ’04)

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