Pop star Will Young rides horse in video for his new single

  • Pop singer Will Young is hoping to leap to the top of the charts with the help of a movie-star horse.

    In the video for Will’s new single, Grace, he performs dressage and show jumping on Vandal, from the stables of stuntman Tony Smart.

    Vandal was ridden by Mel Gibson in the film Braveheart and was Black Beauty in the most recent film of the book.

    Will also undertook two intensive lessons with Tony to hone his technique for the video, as he had previously only had a few riding lessons.

    “We had to step on it a bit but Will did really well,” Tony told H&H.

    Will dresses up in full competition kit for the video — which has already provoked a barrage of excited postings on-line from his legion of fans.

    Will said he chose to ride for this single because “it seemed such a beautiful idea to execute and a good excuse to try and ride for the camera.”

    But his management team was quick to point out that Will is first and foremost a singer, and therefore his riding technique shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

    And H&H forum members have commented on some of the shortcomings of his technique. But the fence over which he soars during the video isn’t to be sniffed at…

    “I’ve started riding quite recently and really enjoy it,” said Will. “I’m not the world’s greatest rider, it has to be said, but the extra lessons really helped.

    “It gave me courage and confidence both on and off the horse as, for a beginner, it was quite daunting.”

    And it seems Will’s perfectionist streak has him hooked.

    “I realised how difficult it is to work closely with horses and ride without fault, but so rewarding when you feel like you almost get it right!”

    The video was shot at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, and will be released on 1 December.

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