Pony and trailer involved in motorway crash

  • A pony has escaped with minor injuries after the trailer he was travelling in jack-knifed out of control when it was hit by another vehicle on the motorway last Sunday (27 July).

    Owner Heather O’Connor had been en route to Sparsholt College with one pony on board when the collision happened near Winchester on the M3 (pictured above and below).

    “[The impact] caused the trailer to fish-tail for a considerable distance before eventually jack-knifing,” she said.

    “We thank our lucky stars that we have all managed to walk away with what seem trailer accidentrelatively minor injuries considering what we went through. [The pony] Paddy has been thoroughly checked out by the vet today — the same vet that attended to him on the motorway — and he has undergone physio to help treat soft tissue damage caused from him rotating in the trailer.”

    Heather also said that the incident highlighted the importance of using a quick-release safety tie while transporting horses.

    10530740_10152531998900932_1140813046705773445_n“The outcome may have been different had I used baler twine or something that was less likely to break; he probably would have hung himself,” she said. “It also shows the importance of wearing good quality travel boots. Paddy walked away with just two minor kicks on his legs. As to whether he will ever load again in a trailer; I certainly won’t be pushing it if he doesn’t want to go — to be honest I wouldn’t blame him.”

    Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that when they arrived the trailer was on its side and the pony was still inside.

    A spokesman told H&H: “The animal was released and safely led from the trailer by our crews.”

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