Pony attacked with a knife left needing 16 stitches

  • A nighttime knife attack in Herefordshire has left a pony needing 16 stitches in his shoulder.

    The attack happened between 4 and 5am on Monday 12 September. He was found the next morning with a cut on his shoulder a foot-and-a-half in length.

    The nine-year-old Welsh Section A x Shetland was turned out in a field at Aymestrey, near Leominster, when he was attacked.

    According to police reports the attending vet believed the injury to be a “deliberate laceration.”

    The pony was treated with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicine and is now on box-rest.

    The incident is currently being investigated by the police.

    If anyone has any information please ring West Mercia police on 03003 333000 quoting crime reference: 62N of the 12/09/2011

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