Police car kills horse in collision

  • A horse was killed after colliding with a police car in Kent last week (6 January). The horse was reported to be running loose on the road after its rider had fallen off.

    A spokesman from Kent police confirmed to H&H that two horses had been involved in the accident in Four Elms, Sevenoaks, at 1.25pm last Tuesday.

    “There was a collision involving a police car and a stray horse, running on the road without a rider,” the spokesman said. “Sadly the horse died.

    “The owner of the injured horse arrived shortly after the collision. It appears he had been thrown by it earlier.”

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    The accident was one of two involving Kent police on the same afternoon.

    At 1.10pm another police car collided with a taxi in the same area.

    After the accident a spokesman for Kent Police said: “The B2042 is currently closed in Four Elms while officers investigate a collision, which occurred at 1:10pm.

    “A police vehicle and a Toyota Avensis collided while the police vehicle was responding to an emergency call.

    “No serious injuries have been reported.”

    Arnold Kingston who lives on Ide Hill Road told local press that two of his cars were damaged after the taxi ended up in his driveway.

    He said: “My wife was in our hall and just heard a loud bang when the taxi ended up here.

    “The cross roads have been a very dangerous area for many years and there have been a huge number of accidents here including a fatality in 2013 when a motorcyclist was killed.

    “For all of Tuesday the police car, which was written off, was right across our drive way and the taxi was in our drive. It was quite a big thing.

    There was speculation from local residents that two accidents were connected. However, Kent police told H&H that the two incidents are “entirely separate and unrelated”.

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