Point Two protective air jacket to be tested at Goodwood

  • A company that produces rapid-inflating safety air jackets for horse and motorcycle riders will today be testing them out on the racetrack.

    Point Two are taking their motorbike air jackets to Goodwood where a motorbike stunt rider will try out the jacket and test how effective it is — for a Radio One news team feature.

    The stunt rider, who has appeared in Bond films, will fall from the bike during the test this afternoon.

    Lee Middleton from Point Two said: “The jacket offers neck, back and coccyx protection and inflates in 0.25seconds. The legal requirement to inflate is 0.4seconds and so far we are the only company to produce a jacket legal to wear on the road.”

    The company also makes air jackets for equestrian disciplines — under the name Point Two Equine.

    Point Two, who started off with the motorbike jackets, produced their first jacket for horse riders after the lead designer’s daughter had a riding accident.

    At the moment they produce 2 air jackets for horse riding — and the third is being released for sale next month.

    The new Pro-Air is a lightweight 900g jacket designed for event riders.

    It provides the same protection as the motorbike jackets but must be worn over a British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) approved body protector.

    Lee added: “The riding jackets have to be worn as additional protection and can be used with any approved body protector — except the body cage. It is top-up protection.”

    The Pro-Air can also be used for jockeys on the gallops but is not suitable for use on a racecourse.

    “We’ve had support in the eventing world from Lucinda Green, Piggy French and Oliver Townend. And in racing it has been championed by John Francome and presenter Nick Luck,” said Lee.

    “We are going to watch it in the eventing world first and hopefully next year we will look to make an even lighter model with carbon fibre canisters for racing.”

    The jacket is attached to the saddle by a cord. And when you fall from the horse the cord is pulled and the jacket inflates.

    “The cord is nice and long, you can lie all the way back on the horse or fall forward and it will not inflate. It will only inflate when it has 6 stones of pressure on it, so if you fall off.

    And even if you’re about 20cm off the ground it will still have time to inflate. It is very, very fast,” said Lee.

    For more information visit: www.point-two.co.uk

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