Plea for owner of dumped dead ponies to come forward

  • The RPSCA is looking for the owners of two dead ponies that were found dumped in Warwickshire.

    A concerned reader contacted H&H after finding the dead animals earlier this month (15 January).

    However, no owner has yet been found.

    “I found the ponies in a gateway in Beausale, near Warwick at around 9am,” said the H&H reader.

    “They were covered over with a tarpaulin and a fleece.

    “The two ponies appeared to be mare and foal. The mare was black with white blaze and very, very underweight.

    “The foal was also underweight and a coloured cob type. Both ponies had very overgrown hooves.

    “Does anyone know who they belong to? Has anyone noticed that these poor ponies are no longer in a field?”

    The RSPCA told H&H it was alerted to the ponies by the police.

    “As there was no obvious cause of death, it may be that they died and then their bodies just dumped,” said a spokesman.

    “Sadly this sort of situation is not uncommon and we receive thousands of calls about horses that are abandoned or neglected every year.”

    The RSPCA added that new tougher legislation, which would enforce current laws on the identification of horses, its vital in tackling this issue.

    Yesterday (27 January) marked a year’s anniversary of the fly-grazing bill in Wales, where local authorities now have greater powers to seize and impound dumped horses. Welfare charities are campaigning for a similar law to be brought in in England.

    “This bill has now passed the committee stage in parliament, but until it becomes law, while horses must be microchipped, the vast majority simply are not,” added the RSPCA spokesman.

    “This means it is very difficult to bring irresponsible owners to account and they get away with dumping and fly-grazing horses like these.”

    Anyone with any information about these ponies should contact the police or the RSPCA inspector line on 0300 123 8018.

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