Orphaned foal needs foster mum

  • A Thoroughbred foal whose dam died shortly after giving birth urgently requires a foster mum

    An orphaned day-old colt foal urgently needs a new mother after its dam died shortly after giving birth yesterday (Sunday 10 March) at the Longdon Stud, Rugeley, Staffs.

    The foal is by the Thoroughbred stallion Makbul, who stands alongside Polar Prince at the Longdon Stud.

    The stud is looking for a mare, which has recently lost its own foal, to foster the new arrival.


    A foster mother has been found for the colt foal, whose dam died of a rupturedcolon shortly after giving birth. The new mother whose own foal had been put down shortly after birth, accepted her replacement offspring extremely well according to the colt’s owner, Lousie Marton.

    “We were incredibly lucky, the mare took onelook at our foal and just fell in love with him,” explains Louise. “I have been told that thoroughbred mares often don’t make good foster mothers, but this mare has a really kind, sweet nature and accepted him straight away.

    “Although it was distressing to lose our mare, I am delighted that her first son will have every chance to enjoy a full and rewarding life. Her previous foals have all been fillies but I always hoped she would have a colt one day.”

    The foal, who is yet to be named, is destined to follow his sisters on to the racetrack.

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