Supplements company rebuked by advertising watchdog

  • Nupafeed has been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over two adverts for its products that appeared in H&H last July.

    The ASA ruled that Nupafeed could not “adequately substantiate” claims that its MAH calmer was “a proven supplement that stops stress at its cause” and “the only calmer supported by published trial data”.

    The ASA also ruled that the claim Nupafeed Staying Power was “beneficial for laminitis and EMS [equine metabolic syndrome]” had “not been adequately substantiated” and was therefore “misleading”.

    A spokesman for Nupafeed told H&H that magnesium was “by far and away the most scientifically supported stress-reducing nutrient”.

    She added that it was hoped future research would “bring better clarity” to its importance for animals prone to laminitis.

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