New website for endurance enthusiasts

  • The New Zealand Endurance and Competitive Trail Riding Association has launched a new website

    International endurance enthusiasts who are interested in what’s happening in New Zealand can visit a new website at www.nzendurance.com.

    The official body for the sport of endurance and competitive trail in New Zealand, The New Zealand Endurance and Competitive Trail Riding Association, has gone online to help ease the administrative load on the association.

    Secretary Dinah Nicholas says the website will provide a fast way of getting news and information to members and the public.

    “Members are able to download membership and registration forms, as well as read the latest news bulletins from the council,” says Dinah. “We expect this to be a huge saving in time and administration costs, plus it makes re-registering horses far faster for owners.”

    The site includes contact details for both the governing bodyand the local clubs, news, a schedule of rides for the north and south island, results, reports and advice on how to get started.

    Visit www.nzendurance.com.

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