New scheme to rehome strays

  • A leading canine charity launches a travelling “dogmobile” to help it rehome dogs around the country

    The National Canine Defence League is adopting a novel way to introduce the public to some of the dogs its needs to rehome.

    The charity has launched a “dogmobile”, a 71/2 tonne lorry fitted with luxury kennels and air conditioning, which costs £90,000 and was donated by the Pet Plan Charitable Trust.

    The mobile kennel is designed to tour selected areas with a small selection of stray and abandoned dogs, which are ready for rehoming.

    The idea, which came from the USA, is already attracting interest with 120 people visiting on one day.

    At the wheel of the lorry willbe former truck driver Catherine Walters, who has two rescue dogs of her own.

    She said: ” The dogmobile represents a unique and powerful way of taking the charity on the road and so taking our extensive rehoming work to a new level.

    “It means many more people will now be able to enjoy owning a rescue dog.

    “So far, public response has proved extremely positive , with people literally queuing up to get on and look around.”

    No dog will be rehomed directly from the dogmobile. Any interested member of the public will have to go through all the normal safeguards employed by the league.

    Last year, the charity rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed more than 8,000 lost and abandoned dogs. It has a strict non-destruction policy.

    For more information (tel: 02078370006) or visit: www.ncdl.org.uk

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