New rules for US wild horses

  • America’s Bureau of Land Management rules that wild horses rounded up from public lands may not be adopted

    International adoptions of wild horses and burros will not be allowed under a new ruling in the United States.

    The Bureau of Land Management, which has had a number of requests for the horses from foreign countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, said that there would be too many legal and financial hurdles to overcome.

    Celia Boddington, spokeswoman for the bureau, said: “There are no natural predators for the wild horse in the United States and, with competing demands for land, we have a policy of rounding-up some of the wild horses and offering them up for adoption to keep herd levels down.

    We go to great lengths to ensure they go to good homes. They go on loan first and are not for sale until after a year.”

    Pictures by kind permission of Bureau of Land Management:www.blm.gov

    Read more about the problems facing wild horses:

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