New research into sport horse trends

  • A new sport horse survey has been launched by a mature student at the Royal Agricultural College with the aim of assisting the horse industry and the British Equestrian Federation (BEF)

    Marketing the British non-racehorse seeks to establish what purchasers are looking for in sport horses, and whether this corresponds to what breeders are producing.

    Georgina Crossman, the student behind the study, says: “Basically, we want to see whether breeders and purchasers, who are really the equine market movers, have the same priorities. Once this has been established, we can think more seriously about a marketing strategy.”

    Georgina has been working together with Graham Suggett, the BEF’s consultant director of breeding. As he explains, the notion of marketing the British non-racehorse is not a new one, but the idea needs to be developed.

    “We set up an equine marketing group two years ago. Initially, we did a survey of top riders to find out what they looked for in a horse.

    “Now we’re moving into the next stage, and Georgina will research what other riders and breeders do. We don’t have the funding to produce glossy adverts or to produce handouts and CDs, which is what other countries, like Germany, do.”

    The survey focuses on the preference of characteristics – pedigree, conformation, performance of offspring – to selling methods.

    All those who complete the survey will be entered into a draw to win £50 worth of Robinsons vouchers or a magnum of champagne.

    To complete the sport horse survey, go to: infopoll.net/live/surveys/s25524.htm

    The sport horse survey will be available via the above link until 24 July. Alternatively, call 07837 935894 for a hard copy of the survey.

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