New rehab centre for ex-racehorses

  • The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre (TRC) is undergoing some major developments which are expected to put the charity on a firmer footing for the future.

    The TRC has been helping ex-racehorses in need for the past 11 years, and was the first registered charity dedicated to the welfare of these animals.

    The charity is purchasing a 130-acre farm in Pilling, Lancashire. It is currently based on rented premises in nearby Nateby. The TRC has been looking for premises to buy for the last four years, and the centre’s founder, Carrie Humble, was very positive about what the move will mean for the charity.

    “This is the fulfilment of a personal dream that will place the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre on a firm footing for many years to come,” she says.

    “This puts us in the driving seatm and is the way in which the charity will continue its work for many years. It will mean that we can apply meaningfully for grants for capital improvements which will become assets for the centre,” she continues.

    The farm in Pilling is currently a dairy farm, and necessary conversions are expected to cost as much as £250,000. Ms Humble stressed that although the charity has raised a substantial amount of money, thanks to legacies and support from ‘Friends of the TRC’, the centre was still a way short of the £1 million needed to buy and convert the new premises.

    The announcement came as the centre marked the 20th anniversary of Hallo Dandy’s victory in the Grand National. At the age of 30, he is the centre’s oldest resident.

    The charity was also extremely pleased to announce that a former leading Lancashire flat trainer, Jack Berry, who sent out more than 1,500 winners in a 25-year career, is to become a trustee of the centre. His knowledge and contacts in the professional racing world are expected to prove invaluable.

    Carrie Humble says: “I’m delighted that Jack Berry, one of the foremost trainers in the north of England until his retirement five years ago, will be joining us. His advice and enthusiasm will be of great value to us in the years ahead.”

    For more information about the TRC or to make a contribution (tel: 01995 605007).

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